6 tricks to find the perfect keywords.

There are several ways to find relevant keywords for your website, such as using keyword research tools, using Google’s search suggestion feature, analyzing your competition, using your own ideas and knowledge, and using keyword research tools for your niche. By using these strategies and doing thorough research, you can find relevant keywords for your site and improve your search engine rankings.

WordPress and security How to improve security on my WordPress site?

Security flaws in WordPress can seriously affect the security of a website. To protect against them, it is important to stay on top of security updates, use strong passwords and two-step authentication, use a security plugin and perform regular backups. It is also advisable to limit access to the administration console and use a secure HTTPS connection.

6 Tips to position my website in Spain

To rank your Spanish website in Google, use relevant keywords, optimized tags and titles, SEO friendly URLs, an SEO plugin, quality external links and Google Search Console.